The sleeping lion (Oromo People) is going through the path TPLF purposely opened for them. Oromo people and politicians just don’t get it at all. Oromo’s are purposely being led to ambush spot. The saddest of all is not the fact that TPLF is doing this, its about us not seeing it. Back in a days, many people make fun of Oromo people calling “Galla”. After decades of struggle, it seems this rude name has cleared. Today they have another word to use and tomorrow certainly they will have another to distract Oromo’s from fighting for their cause. They give you tiny, silly and penny topics to fight, struggle and waste your time on so they can do their needs easily.  All you need to give for a dog to rob its house is a small meat.  All they giving us is this silly topics so you would waste your time in there like old times but this is the thing Oromo people are not aware about. THIS IS HOW!

Last month, Aba Dula Gamada showed up in different cities where Ethiopia community stays and left them with topic they would discuss for months, just before that topic come to vanish, another topic came up yesterday. The speech of Abby Tsahaye. His speech has become the main discussion around Oromo people in social Medias. Oromo’s will have few weeks tagging, sharing, indicting and cursing this man.

The first successful method to win an enemy is by distracting so, they will have no challenge to win. Oromo people are being distracted by issues and topics coming from in and out of Oromo related issues from TPLF. Oromo people are completely unable to read between lines.

Oromo people were not disrespected today nor yesterday, it was long time ago.  While you are talking about what they did to us, they are finishing their project. You think they are the enemy, but the thing you did not understand yet is that the enemy is not them- it’s you.

The only way you earn respect is when you respect yourself first. So, don’t dare blame on no one because it’s because of you that Oromo people are disrespected.

If you are wise enough, this is what you would do.

  • Stop wasting your time talking about what they said, did or didn’t do
  • Start sharing, talking, liking and acting what you can do as intellect and as a great nation.
  • Come agree upon one thing and try to finish that even if it’s hard.

Good Luck Oromo

 Source: Daniel Tasew

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