Oromo: If This Message Doesn’t Wake You, Nothing Ever will!!

Maybe I should keep my mouth shut and see what happens along other fellow Oromo’s or just let it out and try to sleep. I just don’t get it at all why we do the same mistake again and again. I wish I had amazing power to switch people’s mind and able to do that on oromo people. We are doing the same mistake over and over again. It seems like everybody is comfortable with it, in contrary a person who shows up with new idea or solution will instead victimized or marginalized. I don’t care about you accepting my point or not anyways, I am just saying it because I want to say it. Few months ago, I watched Lencho Leta’s interview on OMN. He tried to prove his did as a right once, explaining why he left, why he formed new team and so on but didn’t have a second to answer for his wrong’s. A person who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions is leading a vast nation, which is just insane! Not only him, there are many that I can list but it tells me that the crisis in Oromo politics is not from outside, it’s from inside. We have had tons of protests, but have you ever thought about why it hasn’t brought any significant change? I don’t think any of you really did because we all are following emotions not facts. I was so worried when protest against FINFINNEE Master Plan started that the protest would end without no result but with casualties. It did happen! More than 70 people died, then topic ended! Is the issue resolved? No! Has anyone worked persistently resolving that issue? Not that I know of!

Aba Dula Gamada was the main topic last month! We all talked, shared on medias– are we talking about his now? No! Why? Because your emotions is somewhere else now!
What are you talking about now? About Abay Tsehaye! Yup. We all heard the recorded voice of his and now his is our point of discussion. Can you Plsss stop doing that? Because that doesn’t help at all!

We are all focused on very silly and minor issues while we have big thing to work on!

As a people, either we have to work together or sit quit and let others work! Stop or start ! There is no in between!

If by any means change has to come in the country ethiopia, oromo youth has the power to bring it! Not by emotion but by conviction!

We as a people have to focus on what we can do.

Let the medias do the talking and let us- the people do the action!

Let’s start acting as a team together!!
Let’s work together towards one goal,
Let’s focus on what we can do.

Let’s stop talking story but start making history!

Let’s stop cursing & failing one another but start inspiring and supporting each other!

There is nothing we can’t do, when we join hands!

Let’s wake up!
Let’s begin the movement!

Let’s start one step together!

Persistence should be our goal!

I didn’t mean to offend no body!
Respect you all!

Source: Mooti Facebook status