OPDO is conducting an emergency meeting – Dr. Solomon Ungashe

News from Oromia

OPDO is conducting an emergency meeting for militias all over Oromia. The purpose of the meeting is to train militias on how to control and disperse public protest demonstrations. The attached photos were taken during lunch session at one such meeting in Warra Jaarso district of North Shawa, Oromia.

Reliable sources say OPDO and Ethiopia’s security forces are concerned protests similar to the one that took place in Garbaguraacha recently might spread all across Oromia and are making preparations to arrest those they suspect might be leading the protests.

Elsewhere in Oromia, 36 development agents(DAs) in Alaltu district have been denied to participate in a two day training session focused on natural resource management because they do not have OPDO membership. They’re also facing intimidation from district level cabinets.