Lencho Leta: Short English Version Interview.

Short English Version of Lencho Leta’s Interview.

It’s a three-person delegation: 

2 people went from abroad and the third person was already in Ethiopia.

Reasons for the sudden turn around:IMG_4070.JPG

Timing and the circumstances of ODF’s return.

The government did not seem opposed to negotiating with us but there were concerns over our timing and the fact that we have not reached an agreement before returning home.

EPDRF leaders were also preoccupied with:

  • Election preparations
  •  4th year anniversary of the renaissance dam’s construction
  • OPDO’s 25th anniversary
  • Everyday duties of running a country
  • PM Hailemariam Desaleny was out of the country
  • TPLF acquaintances were outside of Addis Ababa:  spoke to some by phone and agreed to meet when they return

ODF is controversial both among Oromos and Ethiopians, and its possible there were internal discontents within the ruling party over our return.

What is next

  • We will have general meeting
  • We will continue negotiation with Ethiopia government


  •  There is no easy way to freedom. What we encountered in Ethiopia is easier than we expected.
  •  We have to struggle to the end.
  • Sitting here and cursing has no use.
  • We can only see change when we move.

listen to audio interview here .