Ibsaa Guutama:- Kennata Habashaa Hedduu Hodeefamaafii Jiru 2015 | The Most Talked About Habashaa Election 2015

The Most Talked About Habashaa Election 2015

By Ibsaa Guutama*

It is going to be five whole years since Wayyaanee won all parliamentary seats, but one. The opposition condemned the election as not free and fair for that moment. But it could change nothing. It was usurpation of power under the façade of election, and no election was conducted. That TPLF strategy was endorsed for reasons by great powers can be guessed from the manner in which they reacted to the outcome. “No democracy no cooperation” of long ago was proved to be an empty promise. No wonder, initially the TPLF went for the pseudo-multiparty system with some external pressure. In addition, it was advised by a Western guru to form a dominant peasant-oriented party ignoring what was provided in the written Constitution. The advice was accepted for it fit the Habashaa political thinking in general, and Tigrawayi’s in particular. It is with that in mind that the 2015 May election has to be viewed. Already, it is much talked about around the world by friends and enemies of the regime. It is election in a one-party system; however, it may pretend to be otherwise. That means, the result is predetermined. The complaints and lamentations by the opposition amount to what is said “much ado about nothing.”

Democratic countries accepted the rule of law after struggles that costed many lives. They found some points from the ancient Greek democracy, from which they developed and adopted their system. Greek democracy was a practice among free men of Athens and did not include foreigners, women and slaves – groups which were in majority. This trait is still reflected in Western democracy, though not so flagrantly. De jure, everyone is equal, but de facto, some are more equal than others. This is more vivid in election campaign costs, which the have-not cannot afford. Anyone who has got power by force or through election would not hate to hang on to power forever. But the West has thwarted such thought by introducing constitutions that created a check-and-balance system through the divisions of power. The Americans went further by limiting an elected president to run only for two terms. Countries which do not have such a system remain at the mercy of the leading elites. The Ethiopian empire is yet in the pre-Magna Carta era (1215) in its political practice.

It might have been after a bitter struggle that the Oromo founded the Gadaademocratic system of governance. Society is divided into pre-determined five parties (gogeessa) that could stay in power for eight years to come back only after forty years with different actors on the saddle. Since the sequence is arranged generationally, there was no overshooting the eight years; the Office has to be evacuated immediately. To see that political tradition is honored, there is a party of previous rulers for overseeing. Three generations: Raabaa DooriiLubaand Yuba, check the balance of power, and respect for the rule of law and tradition. In that way, ancient Oromo prevented autocratic rule. The present Oromo generation has a system to fall back to and emulate, if it desires.

Wayyaanee had set up guiding rules for its own activities and that which it wants the world to consider as a Constitution. It is a document imposed on the people, not the vise-versa. It is written more for international recognition than to guarantee rights for peoples in the empire. According to this document, it has created a federal administrative structure. It has also created an Election Board of its own choice and the federal police. The federal police are its long arm, without limited jurisdiction and authority. It has proclaimed many oppressive laws, the most flagrant of them being the proclamation against terrorism. All organizations that oppose its Constitution are branded as terrorists. The West is shying to endorse it, probably for not yet defining terrorism based on its own democratic tradition. But, it is tacitly accepting what its terrorist turned disciple fed it. 

Any person that the Wayyaanee did not like “colors of their eyes,” their walks, talks or their sneezes – any of those designated as terrorists will be subjected to assassination, disappearances, persona non grata, or imprisonment. It also commits genocide. Because it has proclaimed OLF as a “terrorist” – under that pretext, it is putting in jeopardy Oromos who are not members of that party. Wayyaanee will do anything that it thinks will make it maintain the monopoly of power forever. It will continue manufacturing terrorists as long as its international partners want to use it. That is the nature of power and the unbridled powerful. It is up to the Habashaa people to keep their house in order. They are the ones who have to put a leash on their leaders. The way the empire is ruled cannot continue as it is used to be. The world is not in the 19th or in the 20th century, but in the 21st century – which is an era of advanced information technology. Foreign relations are no more in the confines of government alone, but open to world public scrutiny. This has added more vigor to the rising political consciousness of the peoples to demand for their legitimate rights.

Every subjugated people want to be independent and free. To recognize this without further blood shade requires understanding of how serious the consequence would be. As a signatory to the UN Charter and its conventions on people’s rights, Habashaa rulers have a duty to help subjugated people anywhere to be free. When the case is of their own empire, they become more duty bound to release them if they have to continue as a legitimate partner to the world body. It is by understanding this and accepting freedom as dictates of natural law that the Oromo demand for the independence of Oromiyaa, not for fair and free election – while colonized. The election is an internal affair of Habashaa.

Several parties that have accepted Wayyaanee’s “constitution” are going to take part in the election in May 2015. There are powers that advocate for the maintenance of the status quo in the name of peace and stability of the region. But, there will be no peace and stability if there is intra-regional harmony. It is not something that could be imposed from outside. On the contrary, Wayyaanee’sunruly nature is helping the rise of Amaaraa extreme right wing Fascism that could create more devastation than its own. On the other hand, Oromo value Nagaa and Araaraa (Peace and Conciliation) more than anything else. There are no extremists among their nationals, but freedom lovers. Wayyaanee’s cry of “terrorist!” is meant to serve as a scarecrow designed for the international community. Whether one is Waaqeffataa, Christian, Muslim or others, Oromo have the same national character and ethical standard or “safuu” when it comes to human rights – irrespective of their faith. It is safuu (taboo) to attack anyone that is not armed, and that did not come to deny them their freedom. The Oromo are not what their subjugators propagate, but are people of the highest moral principle by any standard. Therefore, all who have biases against them in the past prompted by the influence of Habashaa and cronies have to pause, inquire and reconsider their position.

Whichever party wins in the election, it has to answer the Oromo question for independence. That could be the Wayyaanee, other Habashaa groups or galtuu, it does not matter. But by design, it is and must be Wayyaanee that wins the election; it cannot commit suicide by subjecting itself to dictates of the ballot box. All criminal codes applied by international courts of justice seem to have been adopted to try it. Tempted by that, Amaaraa elites have already started inflammatory propaganda against Oromiyaa and the Southern States. They are crying about ethnic cleansing of the Amaaraa at different spots of the empire state. Clashes among national groups have been and are happening everywhere in the empire. It is Habashaainherited policy of divide-and-rule that is the culprit; so they cannot wash their hands off the crimes for which they were the major actors in instigating. Genocides against Oromo like those in Gujii area during the Darg era, the recent massacre in Dhiddheessaa valley, and the evictions and attacks on Oromo peasants throughout Eastern Oromiyaa, are issues nobody should overlook. It is inexcusable to condone or hide suffering of the innocent for any reason. Trying to use such events for group propaganda is also no less a crime. Habashaa Election 2015 is not of Oromo concern, except for information it imparts. The struggle for independence shall continue!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa GuutamaGubirmans.com

Kennata Habashaa Hedduu Hodeefamaafii Jiru 2015

Ibsaa Guutama irraa*

Wayyaaneen erga kennata parlamaan barcuma tokkoof malee hunda moo’atee waggaa shan guutuuf adeema. Mormitooti bilisaa fi tolaa hin turre jedhanii balaleffafatanii .Garuu homaa jijjiiruu hin dandeenye. Fakii kennata sobaa duubaan finqilcha aangoo gaggeeffame malee kennati hin turre. Akaataa isaan hobbaatii kennatichaa itt ilaalan irraa aanga’ooti akka gocha TPLF deggeran heduun ni dandahama. “Demokraasiin hin jiru taanaan gamtaan hin jiraatu” kan jedhamaa ture jecha konkaa tahuun ni saaxilame. Wayyaaneen jalqaba irratt dhiibbaa alaan sirna golahedduu fakkeessaa fudhachuun nama hin dhibu. Sanatt dabalamee heera barruun jirun kan kenname utuu wayitt hin hedin, akka gola olhantummaa qabu qoteebulaa irratt hundaawe ijaaru waabeekaa Dhihaan gorfame. Gorsichi yaada malbulchaa Habashaan wan walitt tahuuf ni fudhatame; kennati 2015, Caamsaa keessa gaggeeffamuu sanaani walitt ilaaluu dha. Firaa fi hamajaajii bulchichaan waa’een kennata 2015 qaata naannaa addunyaatt ballinaan hodeeffamuu eegale. Waan biraa fakkeessuu haa yaalu malee kennatich kennata gola tokkooti. Kanaaf hobbaatiin saa dursee kan murtaawee. Komee fi gadoodi mormituu “lafa duwwaatt wacabbara” isa jedhani.

Biyyooti demokratawoon seeraan bulmaata kan fudhatan erga qabsoon morma hedduu galaafatee booda. Sirna Grikii keessa tuqaalee argatan tokko tokko gabbisuun kan isaaniif tahu guddifatanii. Demokrasiin Greeekii dhiirota bilisa Ateenaa gidduutt shakalamaa ture malee halagaa, dubaroo fi garboota kan walitt qabaan wayyaba tahan hin dabalatu ture. Qacceen kanaa shaakala demokrasii Dhihaa keessatt ni mullata. Seeraan hundi walqixeedha garuu mirkaniin tokko tokko kaan caalaa walqixxee dha. Kun dhaadhessa kennataa kan waa hin qabne keessatt dorgomuu hin dandeenye caalaa bakki inni itt mullatu hin jiru. Kan humnaan haa tahu kennataan angoo irra bahe utuu barabaraan itt hafee ni jibba hin jedhamu. Garuu Dhihi heera hirmannaa aangoo uumuun madalaa kan to’atu itt tolchee, sun akka hin taane doomsee. Amerikanooti caalaattuu akka Presidantiin tibba lama caalaa kennataaf hin dhihaanne dangahanii. Biyyooti sirna akkasii hin guddifanne akka gurguddoon saani godhan tahuutt hafani. Empayerri Itophiyaa shakala malbulchaan ammayyuu bara Magna Kaartaa Inglizii (1215) duraa keessa jiraa.

Oromoon bulcha sirna Demokraasii Gadaa kan bu’uursan qabsoo hadhaawaa booda tahuun hin oolu. Hawaasi golla (gogeessa) shan duraan murtaawett hiramee waggaa saddeeti duwwaa akka aboo irra turu yeroo tumamu itt deebi’uuf hogganoota haaraa waliin waggaa afurtama booda mullata. Tartiibi saa dhalootaan waan qindaaweef waggaa saddeeti irra darbuun hin dandahamu; waajjirichi amaa fi ammatt gaddhiifamuu qaba. Dudhaan malbulchaa kabajamuu mirkaneessuuf kan too’atan golli bulchoota duraa ni jiru. Dhalooota sadii, Raabaa Doorii, Luba fi Yubi akka madaalli aangoo fi ulfinni seeraan bulmmaataa fi dudhaa eegamu to’achuu irratt wal gargaaru. Akkasitt Oromdur biqiluu abbaa hirree quummansanii. Dhalooti Oromoo si’anaa barbaadnaan sirna itt garagalee jabeeffatu qaba.

Wayyaaneen danbii ittiin masakamu fi kan addunyaan akka heeraatt heduufii barbaadu qopheeffateera. Sun barrunqab ummata irra buuse malee heera ummati tumate mitii. Hojiirra oolchuu tahee furuun saa akka suukannii Wayyaaneen keessa jiruutt taha. Addunyaan mootummaa demokratawaatt beekamuuf barreeffame malee mirga ummatoota empayerittii eegsisuuf jedhamee miti. Akka barrunqab kanaatt caasaa bulchaa Federeeshinaa diriirseera. Kan fedha saa guutu Boordii Kennataa fi Poolisa Federeeshinaa, hirreen saa dheeraa naannaaa fi aangoon saa hin daanga’ane uummate. Seera hacuucoo hedduus labseera; isaan keessaa hamaan kan waa’ee gooltuu irrati bahe. Dhaaboti heera saa fudhachuu didan hundi gooltuu jedhee gubaa itt baase. Dhihi, fedha ofii jechuun waan kaayyoo dudhaa saa faallesu barattuun saa, gooltuutti jijjiirame tolchu callisee irra darbaa jira.

Nammi Wayyaaneen hallu ija jibbe, kan akka jara gooltuu jedhamaniitt milla fuudhu, dubbatu yk haxxiffatu biliqfama, tasa butama, nama hin fedhamne tahu, yk hidhamuutu isa eegata. Fixa qaccee ni gaggeessa. ABOn gooltuu dha kan jedhe yoo tahu, qabata saan Oromoo jibbu hunda at ABO jedhee gaaga’aa jira. Wayyaanee waan isa bara baraan angoo irra tursu se’u hunda gochuuf qophii dha. Sun uumaa aangoo fi humna qabeessa luugama hin qabneeti. Mana saanii soneeffachuun dhimma ummata Habashaatii, kan hoogganoota saaniitt lookoo kaa’uu qabanis isaanuma. Akki itt empayerri bulfamaa dhufe itt fufuu hin dandahuu. Addunyaan Jaarraa 19faa yk 20faa keessa utuu hin tahin 21faa bara teknolojiin iyyaatii hedduu guddate keessa jira. Sunimmoo ummatootaaf ofbara malbulchaa dagaagaa jiru irratt si’aayina hedduu akka mirga seeraan qabu gaafatu dabaleeraafii ji.

Ummati gad qabame hundi walabaa fi bilisa tahuu fehda. Kana beekuun kan darbe caalaa dhiigi akka hin lolaane itt bahisaa maal tahuu akka dandahu qayyabachuu barbaachisa. Akka malletteessaa Chartara fi konvenshinoota mirga ilmaan namaa ST irratt bahaniitt Mootummooti Habashaa dirqama bilisooma ummataa bakka hallee gargaaruu irraa eegama. Yeroo dubbiin Empayera saanii kan ilaalu tahu miltoo seerawaa qaama addunyaa sana tahanii itt fufuuf kan isaan jalaa gad dhiisuufi dirqama caalaa qabu. Oromoon kana qayyabachuu fi birmadummaan ajaja uumaa tahuu fudhachuuni kan walabummaa Oromiyaa gaafataa jiru malee kennata bilisaa fi tola bulchoota empayeraaf miti. Kennatichi dhimma keessaa Habashaatii.

Gollii hedduun kan “heera” Wayyaaneefudhatan kennata Caamsaa dhufu irratt qooda fudhachuuf deemu. Maqaa nagaa fi tasgabii godinaaf haalli akka jirutt itt fufuu aanga’oon lallabanis jiru. Garuu nagaa fi tasgabiin kan jiraachuu dandahu yoo godinichi atoomma keessaa qabaate. Kun kan alaa namatt fe’amu mitii. Haalli jiru haa turu jechuun maaliifuu furmaata hin tahu. Gochi gad dhiisaan Wayyaaneecalcala hin qabne, kaka’a qoochoo mirgaa faashisti Amaaraa, badii inni uumuu deemu kan saa caaluu maluuf kaasaa taha jira. Gara biraan Oromoon waan hunda caalaa Nagaa fi Araaraa nafii guddaa kennaa. Sabaawoo Oromoo keessa kan birbadummaa jaallatan malee kan dubbii dhisan hin jiranii. Gadoodi Wayyaanee “Gooltuu!” jedhu Hawaasa subgidduu ittiin sodaachisuuf kan karoorfame. Waaqeffannaa, Musilmummaa, Kiristanummaa haa tahu kanneen biraa Oromoon dhugeeffatan yero dubbiin mirga ilmaan namaa kahu miira sabaawaa walfaktaa fi safuu sadarkkaa tokkoo qabu. Nama hin hidhatin midhuu fi kan birmadummaa saanii dhabamsiisuuf hin dhufne tuquun safuu dha. Oromoon kan itt roorisan akka afuufan utuu hin tahin ummata hangammeessa kamiinuu akeeka hamilee olhaanaa qabanii. Kanaaf kanneen dhiibbaa wayyeeneef michootaan ciga’aa turan dhaabbatanii qorachuun, ejjennoo qabaniif keessa deebi’anii ilaaluun barbaachisaa dha.

Golli kennaticha dabsate kamuu gaafii Oromoon walabummaaf qabu deebisuutu isa eega. Sun Wayyaanee, golota Habashaa kan biraa yk galtuu yoo tahes homaa mitiYayyabaan kennaticha Wayyaaneetu moha. Ajaja saanduqa irbaatt of kennuun of hin ajjeesuu. Seerri yakkaa Dhaddachi Qajeeltuu subgidduu hojiirra oolchaa jiru isaaf kan tolfame fakkaata. Gurguddoon Amaaraa Oromiyaa fi ummata kibbaa irratt holola ibidda qabsiisuu dandahu jalqabaniiru. Kolonoota sanii bakka bakka keessaa Amaarri duguugamaa jira jedhanii wowwaataa jiru. Ummatoota gidduu walitt bu’i empayeratii keessa bakka hallett tahaa jira. Kun imaammata Habashaagargar baasii bulchi jedhu dhaalmaan kan dhufe irratt kan hundaawe kan isaan taatota kootama itt tahan waan taheef keessaa hin qabnu jedhanii harka dhiqachuu hin dandahani. Dubbiin akkasii yoo kahu, qaccefixiisi Oromoo irra gahe, kanneen akka bara Dargii naannaa Gujiitt tahan, ummataa sulula Dhiddheessaa irra kan gahe fi dhiheenya duulli qotee bulaa Oromiyaa Bahaa qeyee saatii buqisee fi lubbuu hedduu gagahe hedamuu qaba. Yeroo ummati sababa kamiinuu gidiraa argaa jiru callisanii ilaaluun yk beekaa irra darbuun waan fokkuu dha. Ta’isa akkasii holola waliigalaaf dhimma itt bahuu yaaluun yakka sanaa gadii hin taanee fi eenyuunuu hin gargaarre akka tahe beekamuutu irra jira. Kennati Habashaa2015 gara isaan itt deemaa jiran baruuf yoo hin taane Oromoof dhimma saanii mitii. Kan qabsoofnus kan dhoofsinuunis kan empayra hogganuuf dhihate waliin taha. Qabsoon walabummaa it fufa!

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu!


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