Ethiopia: The Country Becoming a Destination for Tourists From Oman

Ethiopia is becoming a preferred tourism destination for tourists from Oman according to the Country Manager of Ethiopian Airlines in Oman. Mr. Sami Muctar told the Times of Omar that the number of visitors to Ethiopia is growing by 10% each year. He said that Ethiopian Airlines was making every effort to encourage the tourism sector, pointing out that the Airline had launched “an attractive package to Ethiopia”.

It was processing Ethiopian visas at the local office in Ruwi. He said that with the introduction of direct flights from Muscat, things were changing. Mr. Muctar gave details to the paper of magnificent tourist possibilities s of Ethiopia, referring to Ethiopia’s dramatic landscapes ranging from the Simien Mountains and Bale Mountains National Parks with their tremendous trekking opportunities and innumerable animals and birds, to the Danakil Depression “an enchanting yet unforgiving and hostile environment offering extreme adventure.”

He added that “the remote lowlands in the sultry southwest were also home to untold adventures and house some of Africa’s most fascinating people.” Last year some 10,000 people from Oman visited Ethiopia, and the number is expected to be at least 10% higher this year.