Ethiopia: Sugar Production to Commence at Former Pakistani-Owned Plant

Arjo Dedessa Sugar Development project is to begin trial production this month with an initial crushing capacity of 5,000 tons of sugar per day, according to Addis Fortune.

The factory located in the rift valley of Dedessa, Oromia Region was established in 2009 by a Pakistani company. After its manager, Moshen Haji was killed in a car accident, the company was sold to the Sugar Corporation.

Ninety percent of construction of the factory plant was finished by the time the government took over in August 2012, where the rest 10 percent was completed by the government.

It is situated on a 28,000ha plot of land, 540 kilometers from Addis Ababa and has the capacity of crushing 8,000 tons of cane a day.

Currently existing sugar factories in Ethiopia are Wonji Shoa, Finchaa and Metehara. The largest of all these is Wonji Shoa, with a crushing capacity of 174,946 tons of sugar annually. Finchaa has a capacity of 110,000 tons and Metehara 136,692 tons annually.

The demand for sugar in Ethiopia currently is estimated to be 6.5 million quintals per year.

Seven government owned sugar factories are under construction now. Additionally, there is also an ongoing private initiative, Hiber Sugar S.C which will operate on 25,000ha of land in Amhara regional State at Tana Beles Basin.

The sugar Corporation is authorized by the Council of Ministers’ Regulation Number 192/2010 to administer the established sugar factories and sugar production projects.

Source: Addis Fortune