Ethiopia: OPDO Finalizes the Preparations to Mark Silver Jubilee

The Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO) announced that it has finalized the preparations to mark its silver jubilee with various entertaining, educational and informative programmes from March 10-26, 2015 at the national level.

Briefing journalists on the overall preparations of the anniversary, OPDO’s Central Office Head Daba Debele said on Monday that the day would be marked by galvanizing all members of the OPDO and the Oromo from all walks of life for renewing their commitments towards the Ethiopian Renaissance.

“Moreover, there will be a series of panel discussions revolving around the armed struggle of the Oromo against oppressors, the challenges related to chauvinism and narrow-mindedness of various internal and external forces that they had to face and overcome as well as a panel that will discuss the history and culture of the Oromo people and the like,” he added.

According to Daba, rallies in support of the OPDO will be held at the national and international levels during the celebration days.

It is to be recalled that OPDO is one of the founding members of the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).