Ethiopia Making Preparations to Evacuate Its Nationals From Yemen

The Government of Ethiopia, which has set up a National Committee to organize the evacuation of Ethiopian citizens in a safe and orderly manner, is actively making preparations to evacuate Ethiopian nationals from the Republic of Yemen.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stating its reassurance to all concerned Ethiopian nationals residing in Yemen, is also working through the Embassy in Sana’a, capital of Yemen, to make arrangements for the speedy and safe evacuation of Ethiopian citizens and discussing with other stakeholders to make the appropriate methods and ways in relation to the evacuation of Ethiopian nationals from that country.


The Ethiopian Embassy in Sana’a has deployed its staff and formed a committee to register Ethiopian nationals, process their travel documents as well as complete their full evacuation process in an orderly fashion. The Embassy is also collaborating and working with the Ethiopian Diaspora community representatives and members residing in Yemen on ways to support the speedy registration and safe evacuation of Ethiopian citizens living across Yemen. Registration is now underway. The Government is closely following the conditions of Ethiopian nationals in Yemen. Following the processing of their travel documents, the evacuation process will start in a shortest possible time.