Ethiopia: Addis to Get Carbon Free Public Transport Vehicles

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the US based Global Vehicle Transport Plc (GET) and Yetebaberut Behereawi Petroleum (YBP), an Ethiopian Share Company engaged in fuel supply, to introduce carbon free road transportation system in Addis Ababa next year.

According to the agreement, the US company will be importing the spare parts of the vehicles while manufacturing companies like Mesfin Industrial Engineering and others will carry out the assembly process.

After the vehicles are ready the needed electric charges would be supplied by Yetebaberut Behereawi Petroleum through its numerous stations located at the city.

It was indicated that the companies have been engaged in a series of consultation and negotiations to lay out partnership and the agreement would lead the companies to establish joint venture company to provide electric vehicle public transport solution for the country. The joint venture according to the representatives will pave a way to assemble, sell, manage, operate and service public transport electric vehicles in the city.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held here on Sunday American Affairs Director General Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Taye Atske-Selassie said that the project falls in line with the policy of the Ethiopian government. Ethiopia has prioritized carbon emission energy by 2020. That is why the government welcomes projects that can promote green environment.

The Ambassador further noted that the city has been vulnerable to climate change and pollution. The project will contribute not only to creating jobs but also improving the transportation system of the city. The Ethiopian government in this regard is committed to provide the necessary supports needed with regard to the project.

Yetebaberut Behereawi Petroleum General Manager Tesfaye Mokonen on his part indicated that Ethiopia has been envisioning to promote carbon free energy. It is currently constructing hydroelectric dams including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. And the Company is aligning its self with the policy of the country. It has now collaborating with other companies to introduce green transportation services. The company’s share will be to refilling the needs of anticipated growth of electric vehicles, he added.

Ken Motler Chief Executive Officer said that as part of the project the his company jointly with other companies is to manufacture electric vehicles used for public transportation. The vehicles would have GPS and will be managed by the company. The project would help mange to introduce carbon free transportation system that will also help the residents get a better transportation system.

The company produces electric vehicles mostly targeting to offer public transportation alternative for the ordinary people. The vehicles will have wireless internet services and television. The vehicle will also have the capacity to Board about 25 people, the CEO, added.

Project Consultant Dr. Abey Zegeye on his part said that the major objective of the project is to introduce green road transportation system. The vehicles that are assembled by Mesfin Industrial Engineering will be managed and serviced by the American company.

Dr. Abey also noted that the companies have been working to explore ways to respond and contribute to the green growth agenda of the country through the provision of an no carbon emission public transportation.

A study would be conducted about the transportation system and the market and socioeconomic activities of the city. Then, the number of vehicles and job opportunities will be disclosed, Dr. Abey added.

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