[breaking news] Jawar Mohammed official CEO of OMN

According to trustworthy sources, Jawar Mohammed has been officially appointed as the new CEO of OMN just hours ago.  From what we gather, Obbo Mohamed Abdosh and Dr. Ahmed Galchu have played a pivotal role in choosing him as the new CEO in spite of multiple contentions inside OMN.

It will be interesting to see how the friction between Jawar and other individuals will play out.

In the past, when Jawar was not technically leading the organization he was accused of intruding in the daily affairs of the OMN.  Abdi Fiixee had alleged Jawar was running the OMN. Girma Tadesse, the former CEO, had listed why he thought Jawar was running the organization. Dr. Sintayehu had asked to resign because of Jawar. Dr. Birhanu, the former editor-in-chief had resigned because of Jawar.


Multiple Executive Council member had grievances against Jawar. Madda Walabu Media apparently refused to work with OMN because of Jawar. Dr. Hamza resigned because of Jawar.  He had wanted to formally assign Jawar as the CEO.

It was stated that OMN leaders will fail at leading as long as Jawar remained the public face of OMN. He is no more simply the face of the OMN.

He is now the CEO of OMN.

Original Source: SiiTube News.