Animosity cycles in Oromo national struggle

1. The period up to 1991 was spent mainly on the internal fight between OLF and IFLO

2. The period between 1992 up to 2001 was dominated by animosity between OLF and other Oromo groups and the internal power struggle between the supporters of the deposed deputy secretary of OLF Mr Leenco and others.

3. The period between 2001 up to 2008 was mainly spent on the animosity between the supporters of Shanee, QC and jijjiiramaa.  

4. The period from 2008 up to 2012 was spent on a very bitter animosity between Shanee and Jijjiiramaa.  

5. Another decade to be spent on the animosity between the ODF and others?

Source: Babsa Tula facebook status