5 reasons why Oromo Politics gets nowhere

5 Reasons Why Oromo Politics Gets Nowhere

1. Current Politicians Are Outdated

According to Gada System, political elect has to be between ages of 32-40. This age is considered expto be best time for matured, experienced and talented leaders to be on power but it’s totally different in Oromo politics. Current leaders have been leading their teams or parties for more than decades. The old concept stays with these people and they try leading the people with old concept in changing new world. That is why leaders fail to get jobs done. Outdated concept, ideas and life.

2. Politicians Have No Wish of Wining

Since most of Oromo political experience is in war for freedom, leaders have forgotten what ec318d7e000a8d0be6712b11b5e841bdexactly they are fighting for. Instead they keep fight, without knowing what they are exactly doing. As we accustomed to lose for long time, we as human habituate our self with the lost and forgot about strive to get what we aimed for at the beginning.  For you to win your battle, you have to see victory at all times. Our fight is just a fight with no end.  To win, there has to be an inspiration and zeal. No energy, no win!

3.Young Activist Are Following Illusionist Politicians

Now and then we come across few young activist and politicians who tried to bring our politics to different level. Since they are new, the probability of getting Oromo people towards one common agenda  by their own is rare. As a result,download they are forced to follow old leaders with their old views.  Some consider Oromia as a country while others consider it a still as one of the Ethiopian state. Unless this illusion come clear, no one will change anything with divided ideas. Don’t you think?

4. No One Cares About What Oromo People Want

amalawianfarOromo people are spread around the world like a sand around ocean.  All of them have needs and questions.  Thousands are being imprisoned, fled to other countries, and famine on their land. Has anyone asked what they want? No! Every Oromo politicians thinks knows what Oromo people want, but I am afraid they don’t. If they did, they would have answered their questions by now.  It seems every politician is running towards getting the name and power.

5. Everyone Thinks They Know Everything.

Oromo p47a6d51d386ed8218f9d2142c746fe52oliticians think they know everything; so do the people. Everyone speaks rather than listen.  In life, there has to be a leader and followers. If everyone is a leader, who will be a follower?   That is why we are not moving forward.

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